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Introducing CannaPro capsules!

A cleaner, healthier, and more discreet way to medicate. Each bottle contains either ten 40mg or forty 10mg capsules of pure THC or CBD! The capsules are filled with CannaPro's gluten free, vegan cannabis powder for quicker absorption and consistent results with each use.

10mg & 40mg THC capsule options
Sugar/Fat/Gluten Free!
100% Vegan
Sativa bottle
Cerebral buzz
Best suited for daytime use
Calming body buzz
Best suited for nighttime use
Indica bottle
10mg & 40mg THC capsule options
Sugar/Fat/Gluten Free!
100% Vegan
10mg & 40mg CBD capsule options
Sugar/Fat/Gluten Free!
100% Vegan
CBD bottle
A non-pyschoactive component in cannabis responsible for many of its medicinal benefits
Decreases nicotine cravings
Treats acne
Prevents IL-12 production, which plays a huge role in autoimmune diseases such as diabetes
Reduces various aspects of multiple sclerosis
Anti-inflammatory and much much more!
Vegan. Gluten free. Sugar free. Fat free.
CannaPro pills
The magic behind the CannaPro capsules
CannaPro leaves
Step 1: Grow
We select only the finest grown cannabis strains, which are lab-tested for quality and potency.
Step 2: Science
The cannabis is then extracted into concentrated oil using a solventless CO2 extraction method.
Step 3: Pure Powder
Using our proprietary method, the solventless cannabis oil is then turned into an edible form of cannabis powder. arrow
CannaPro pills
Step 4: Capsulate
Our vegan cannabis powder is then capsulated and put into vegetarian based pill form for consistent dosing and easy consumption.
Step 5: Enjoy!
Please enjoy our CannaPro capsules safely and appropriately.
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