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Learn about the CannaPro capsules

Almost every edible option for cannabis consumption has a dose that isn’t very consistent so the desired effect varies too often to be enjoyed, or is filled with sugar, fat, GMO’s and many more harmful ingredients. You’ve all probably either had a personal negative experience with edibles or have heard cringing stories from others. This is usually due to not knowing your dose, or a reaction to an ingredient. Although our bodies digest cannabinoids differently, there should always be a consistent and healthy way for patients to consume cannabis when smoking isn't an option.

Whether you have a conscious desire to eat healthy and live healthy, or are a patient with an illness or ailment that prohibits sugars, fats, and animal byproducts from your diet, CannaPro has your back!

Each of our low-dose CannaPro mini bottles contain forty 10mg capsules of pure powdered THC or CBD. Our higher dose bottles contain ten 40mg capsules, leaving you with 400mg in each bottle either way you decide to go!

If a capsule isn’t for you, don’t hesitate to open one up and drop our Canna Powder into a warm/hot cup of tea or add it to your favorite cookie dough! CannaPro’s powder can be added to most meals that require cooking with a heat source, warm liquids, or anything you can evenly mix it into.

Enjoy and medicate responsibly!

THE FAQs We know you're wondering...
How do I decide which capsule is right for me?

Generally speaking, Indica will provide more of a heavy body high and is commonly used for better sleep, relaxation and couch-lock.

Sativa will provide a more cerebral, stimulating high and thus is best suited for daytime use. It is commonly used for mood and creativity enhancement, and will cause an energizing effect similar to enjoying a cup of coffee!

CBD (Cannabidiol), on the other hand, is non-psychoactive and is recommended for daytime or nighttime use for a multitude of ailments and reasons. CBD is one of over 60 cannabinoids found in cannabis and can be used to provide relief for bodily pain or tension, including sore muscles or joints, menstrual cramps, and headaches. It has also been proven to reduce nausea and vomiting, suppress seizures, and combat most inflammatory, psychosis, neurodegenerative, anxiety and depression disorders, among many others!

How much should I take?

We have created 10mg (micro-dose) and 40mg options so that you can find a dose or combination of dosing that works perfectly for YOU!

If you don't use cannabis frequently, we recommend that you first try the 10mg option and wait 1-2 hours. Tolerance varies from patient to patient and so does necessity. 10-20mg is the recommended serving size for patients with a low tolerance. We provide a total of 400mg of healthy cannabis powder in each bottle for you to enjoy any way you please!

How long until the effects kick in?

Edibles introduce cannabinoids through the gastrointestinal tract rather than through the lungs, so most edible cannabis products take anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours to take full effect. We urge all of our patients to take this time to listen to their body and learn the most effective dose to avoid overindulgence.

How long do the effects last?

The body high or effect from a "medible" generally lasts longer than almost every other high, usually between 4-10 hours or longer if you take a higher dose.